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CMU Food Center located in the center of the university is a collection of various restaurants. There is also Wi-Fi access throughout, allowing students to recharge before and after classes throughout the day.

ITSC Corner is available for students. There is space for sitting, working, reading and computer with internet service. Open for service more area. First in front of the library and ITSC Corner Co-Working Space on the 1st floor of the Learning Innovation Center Building. And other area at each faculty in CMU.

New dormitory adjusts the surrounding landscape with facilities for students, including a reading room, recreation room, restaurant as well as exercise facilities in the various dormitories such as petanque courts, basketball courts, badminton courts, etc., to create good health for students.

“An Kaew” and “Ang Tad Chompoo” the green areas add shading along with the soft sound of water as well as the cool wind blowing through the water which is a beautiful reservoir. The university has made the surrounding area a place to exercise. Students can walk, run, create good health or sit and watch the atmosphere safely.

CMU Health Center, a medical service center for CMU students when they were sick, which is located near the student dormitory area and convenience of students.

The electric bus (purple bus) provides a transportation link that covers all areas of the university. To be convenient, safe and environmentally friendly Both Suan Sak Park within Chiang Mai University, Suan Dok side, CMU-Suan Dok line, and Mae Hia side, CMU-Mae Hia line, students can track the car location and availability on each car in real time via the CMU Mobile Application.

New sports center increase exercise space for students