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Now Online Proceedings available at http://www.grad.cmu.ac.th/igrc2015/proceedings


Oral Presentation

    • Health Sciences
        Chulalongkorn University
        Title : Arrhythmia Prediction Using Electrocardiographic Parameters and Heart Rate Variability Alterations in Splenectomized Dogs
    • Sciences and Technology
        Mahidol University
        Title : Introducing a Blind Angle into the Two-dimensional Inertial Spin Model for a Flock of Birds
      • Mr.YUTARO  HITAKA (TO-003)
        Saga University
        Title : An Evacuation Routes Analysis for Disaster Prevention Design of a Traditional Town Considering Probability of Street Blockade
    • Humanities and Social Science
      • Mr.RATHAK  PHOK (SO-014)
        Chiang Mai University
        Title : Impact of Rice Policy Intervention on Food Security: Case Study of Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam

Poster Presentation

    • Health Sciences
      • Ms.SURASIT  BUPACHAT (HP-018)
        Chiang Mai University
        Title : Development of a Chromosome 17p-Specific Telomere Length Measurement Method
    • Sciences and Technology
      • Mr.NIWAT  JHUNTAMA (TP-026)
        Chiang Mai University
        Title : Fabrication of Super-hydrophobic Surfaces on Food Grade Paper by Thermal Induced of Sparking Aluminium