Doctor of Philosophy (Social Science)


            The basic philosophy of the Ph.D. program in Social Science is to construct an integrated knowledge of various disciplines of social science. namely anthropology, economics. geography, history, political science, sociology and law as gained from analytical comparative studies and field-based experiences. The program encourages the use of holistic dimensions of social science and natural science perspectives in synthesizing new bodies of knowledge while taking diversity and complexities of social dynamics as well as contextual development problems into consideration. It also promotes the search for methodologies that is based on the dynamic interchange of diverse paradigms and philosophies, including those of various ethnic groups. It aims to enhance the potential of social science as a part of the social learning process that enables students to keep pace with socioeconomic rapid growth and offer alternative development strategies based on ecological sustainability, equity and security of local livelihood.





            The Ph.D. in Social Science program aims to produce graduates with the following qualifications:

            - Holistic understanding of concepts and methodologies in both social and natural science dimensions that can be adapted to keep pace with social changes;

            - Capability of synthesizing and establishing, new concepts that help explain and analyze problems and conditions of various social movements;

            - Have potential to conduct social science field research at both local and regional levels, as well as understanding social complexities and social differentiation in order to produce a new body of knowledge and offer development alternatives based on equity and ecological sustainability.  ‑

            - Able to demonstrate leadership in initiating ideas of social changes and transmitting them to society and the new generation.



            Faculty of Social Sciences offers a postgraduate divisions that students can select to study as follows : Sustainable Development. Social Development, and Geography.



            Students with Master's degree in all disciplines are eligible to apply for the program. The applicants should pass TOEFL with the minimum score of 500 or IELTS of 5.5. valid during the period of application or other standard English tests, agreed by the Graduate Program Administrative Committee. The selection process will be conducted through application form review and an interview.

            An application form for the Ph.D. (Social Science) program can be obtained from the internet by downloading file at http://rcsd.soc. or or filling a request on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

            Notification of admission will be sent to candidates by mid-March each year.



Applicants are urged to seek financial support from private as well as governmental sources from their own countries. There are a limited number of scholarships from the Regional Center for Social Science and Sustainable Development (RCSD), Faculty of Social Sciences, for students who demonstrate excellent academic performance and conduct research within the area of the program's focus.



            The number of academic staff in this program is 11, holding the Ph.D. degrees many fields; Anthropology, Sociology, International Education Development. Geography. Political Science. Development Sociology and Law. Guest lecturers from various universities such as the National University of Singapore, University of Washington. University of Gotenborg, Yale University, University of Durham, Harvard University, York University, University of Sydney and University of London are invited to conduct some courses.



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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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