Doctor of Philosophy (Nursing)

            The Faculty of Nursing. Chiang Mai University, offers an International Program for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing. The Program prepares leaders in nursing science, in the health service system. and in the development of quality in the nursing service.

            The curriculum is a teaching-learning process that emphasizes self-directed learning, accessing information worldwide. There is a Dissertation only program and a Dissertation and Course-work program. Students will spend some semesters in the Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University. and some at universities abroad, and will work with advisors, from Thailand and overseas.

            The degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing is awarded by Chiang Mai University.


            Nursing is a science of services for people at every level of health. It is a profession with its own body of knowledge that is continuously developed and directed to human services for the individual, family, and community. A person is the integration of body, mind, social relationships, and spirituality. A person's health state results from human and environmental interaction, and changes along the well being-illness continuum. The goal of the nursing service is to empower clients to develop their health potential to the highest level.

            The Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing program aims to prepare leaders for the development of nursing science and the quality of nursing service, and of the health service system.

            Graduates from the program will think critically, be creative, have broad vision, be ethical, and be capable of providing suggestions and counseling, and exchanging scholarly ideas, as well as cooperating effectively both inside and outside the profession.

            The Doctoral Program is designed to provide a teaching-learning process that emphasizes continuous self-directed learning and develops skills in analysis and synthesis. The program uses both national and international information and technological resources. Exchanges are encouraged between students and academic resources. The program will assist students in developing cognitive and leadership skills for the advancement of nursing science and the health care system.





            To produce scho lars who have advanced knowledge and research competency for developing nursing knowledge that improves the quality of nursing care and the national nursing service system.



Type 1 : Dissertation only program

Type1.1 : Students with Master's degree Dissertation 48 Credits

Type 1.2 : Students with Bachelor's

degree Dissertation 72 Credits

Type 2 : Dissertation and course work program Attendance 3 years, full-time / 2 semesters per year



1. Care for the Elderly

2. Child Health Nursing

3. Youth and Family Health

4. Women and Family Health

s. Prevention and Care for HIV/AIDS

6. Health Care System and Administration

7. Community Health and Health Promotion

8. Quality of Life and Social Improvement

9. Symptom Management and Nursing Therapeutics

10. Cancer and Chronic Illness

11. Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing



            Applicants must have the following qualifi­cations: A Bachelor's degree in nursing or Master's degree in nursing or the equivalent with a minimum grade point average of 3.5

A license to practice as a nurse.

Pass minimum requirement English examination. TOEFL score soo or IELTS band (5.5)


            Limited scholarships available on request.



1. Wichit Srisuphan Dr. P.H.

2. Wilawan Senaratana M.P.H.

3. Linchong Pothiban D.S.N.

4. Prakin Suchaxaya Ph.D.

5. Sukanya Parisunyakul D.N.S.

6. Ratanawadee Chontawan Ph.D.

7. Ouyporn Tonmukayakul Ph.D.

8. Sujitra Tiansawad D.S.N.

9. Seepan Kantawang D.S.N.

10. Wipada Kunaviktikul D.S.N. 1. Chawapornpan Chanprasit Ph.D.

12. Warunee Fongkaew Ph.D.

13. Paungpayom Panya Ph.D.

14. Taweeluk Vannarit D.S.N.

15. Darawan Thapinta Ph.D.

16. Patcharaporn Aree D.Sc.

17. Khanokporn Sucamvang D.N.S.

18. Areewan Klunklin Ph.D.

19. Achara Sukonthasarn Ph.D. zo. Kasara Sripichyakan Ph.D.

21. Susanha Yimyam Ph.D.

22. Tipaporn Wonghongkul Ph.D.

23. Pikul Nantachaipan D.N:S.

24. Sirirat Panuthai Ph.D.

25. Patraporn Tungpunkam Ph.D.

26. Wanchai Moongtui D.S.N.

27. Yuwayong Juntarawijit Dr.P.H.

28. Pratima Bhuttarowas Ph.D.

29. Thitinut Akkadechanunt Ph.D.

30. Jarassri Yenbut Ph.D.

31. Paradee Nanasilp Dr.P.H.

32. Kannika Kntaruksa Ph.D.

33. Hunsa Ch~ekhaboppha Ph.D.

34. Acharaporn Sripusanapan Ph.D.

35. Tassana Choowattanapakorn Ph.D.



University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

1. Dr. Rachel Booth, Ph.D

2. Dr. Carol Dashiff, D.S.N. University of

Washington, Seattle. USA

1. Dr. Nancy Woods, Ph.D.

2. Dr. Marjorie Muecke, Ph.D.

University of Michigan. Ann Arbor, USA

1. Dr. Ada Hinshaw, Ph.D.

2. Dr. Shake Ketefian, Ph.D.

University of Hawaii at Manoa. USA

1. Dr. Julie E Johnson

2. Dr. John Casken, Ph.D. Wayne State

University, USA

1. Dr. Barbara Redman, Ph.D.

2. Dr. Stephen Cavanagh. Ph.D.

University of California at San Francisco, USA

1. Dr. Kathleen A. Dracup

2. Dr. Rosemary Plank, Ph.D.

University of Alberta, Canada

1. Professor Genevieve Gray

2. Dr. Jennifer Greenwood

University of Western Sydney, Australia

1. Dr. John Daly, Ph.D

2. Dr. Esther. Chang




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