Doctor of Philosophy (Geology)


            The Department of Geological Sciences started its academic activities by offering a bachelor of science program in geology in 1964, the year Chiang Mai University was founded. In 1975, a M.S. program in geology was offered and later was followed by a Ph.D. program in 1989. As part of our strategies to elevate the quality of the Ph.D. program to the international standard, academic collaboration between the Department of Geological Sciences. Chiang Mai University and our counterparts at overseas universities was set up in moo. Collaborating institutions include the School of Earth Sciences, University of Birmingham,United Kingdom: the Deparlirient of Geology and Geophysics. University of Western Ontario. Canada: the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Mie University, Japan. Shortly after that. the Ph.D. program was incorporated as one of the University's International Graduate Programs. Under these collaboration schemes, the Ph.D. candidates would have opPortunities to spend up to one year at our partner universities to carry out their respective research.





            - To produce high-quality researchers in various branches of geology who are able to pursue their careers in international institutions /organizations.

            - To promote the advancement in geological sciences research.



            The international Ph.D. program is classified as a research degree program (Type 1) and is open to applicants who hold either a Bachelors or a Master's degree in geology or related fields. Students with a Bachelor's degree are required to complete a total of 72-credits for thesis work, and for those who hold a Master's degree. a total of 48 credits for thesis work'is required. Each Ph.D. candidate is also required to publish (a) research paper(s) in international/ peer-reviewed journal(s).



            The main research trend of the Department of Geological Sciences focuses on basic and applied geology of northern Thailand and neighbouring regions. Research projects encompass studies of basic geology, mineral resources, energy resources, groundwater resources, and environments of the region. Current research projects carried out by our staff and Ph.D. candidates include petrogenesis of major volcanic sites of mainland Southeast Asia: structural and tectonic evolution of the Shan-Thai terrane; stratigraphic and structural evolution of Late Tertiary basins in northern Thailand; depositional environment and characteristics of major coal deposits in Thailand: origin and characteristics of corundum and other gem minerals in Southeast Asia; and groundwater modeling of major river basins in northern Thailand.



            Applicants to the Ph.D. program should hold a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) with honour, or a Master's degree in Geology or related fields.



            Various research funding agencies are engaged in the Ph.D. program including the Thailand Research Fund (TRF), the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), and the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT). The TRF's Golden Jubilee Ph.D. project provides a number of scholarships for applicants with outstanding academic records.



            At present, the Department of Geological Sciences has 25 full-time academic staff including is staff with Ph.D. degrees, 8 with M.S. degrees, and 2 with B.S. degrees.




 Prof. Rae Mackay. School of Earth Sciences, University of Birmingham, U.K.

Dr. J.W. Gaskarth, School of Earth Sciences, University of Birmingham, U.K.

Dr. C. Stanley, Natural History Museum, U.K. Prof. S. H. Wood. Department of Geoscience, Boise State University. USA.

Dr. B. Rhodes, Department of Geological Sciences, California State University at Fullerton, USA.

Dr. R. Berry, School of Earth Sciences, University of Tasmania at Hobart, Australia Dr. C. Barber. Centre for Groundwater Studies. Flinders University. Australia

 Prof. K. Takayasu, Shimano University, Japan

 Prof. 1. Takashima, Akita University, Japan



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