Master of Science (Applied Geophysics)


            The Department of Geological Sciences and Department of Physics, started their academic activities in 1964. the year the university was established, by offering a bachelor of science degree program. In 1992. a post-graduate degree program leading to a M.S. in Applied Geophysics was made available by the collaboration between the Department of Geological Sciences and the Department of Physics.

            The international graduate program offers both the research degree program (Plan A Type Al and a coursework program (Plan A Type A2





Plan A Type Al

1) To produce researchers of internationally recognized quality with good morals

2) To provide a research degree for outstanding students

3) To provide an opportunity for experienced geophysicists from academic institutes and industries to conduct research.

Plan A Type A2

1) To satisfy the need for highly qualified geophysicists in order to reduce the number of expatriates

2) To develop knowledge and promote the progress of research in applied geophysics

3) To produce the researcher and geophysicists to carry out national policy to promote national resource development

4) To provide students with high qualifications in academic knowledge and ~good morals.



            The research activities involve studies of the geophysics of energy resources, water resources, mineral resources and environment. The main objective of the activities is to collect quantitative and qualitative information on energy. water and mineral resources, as well as the environment of northern Thailand. There is also cooperative research with overseas universities and institutes.



            An applicant must possess qualifications in accordance with the Chiang Mai University Announcement on Admission in each academic year.

An applicant who applies for Plan A Type A (1) must have a Bachelor's degree. or equivalent, in the field of geophysics, geology. physics, geotechnology or related field from an accredited university/institution, with outstanding results, or have at least 2 years' practical experience in geophysics or geophysical research. The applicant must also have sufficient ability to do his/her thesis with the approval of Administrative Committee for the Applied Geophysics Programs.

            An applicant who applies for Plan A Type A (2) must have a Bachelor's degree. or equivalent, in the field of geophysics. geology, physics, geotechnology or related field from an accredited university/institution that has the approval of the Administrative Committee for Applied Geophysics Program.



To obtain detailed information please contact

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Department of Geological Sciences Faculty of Science

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Tel: (66 53) 94 3417 ext 1183

Fax: (66 53) 94 3444

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